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Community policy
Experience Host

Airbnb Experiences standards and requirements

Our Terms of Service and Community Standards apply to all our community members, including Airbnb Experience Hosts, their Co-Hosts and assistants. Experience Hosts must also abide by our Additional Terms for Experience Hosts and meet the standards and requirements described in this article. 

Before any Experience is published, it is reviewed based on our Quality Standards, and it must continue upholding these standards to remain on Airbnb. If an Experience doesn’t meet these requirements, the listing or associated account may be restricted, suspended, or removed from Airbnb. 

Quality Standards

We want all Airbnb Experiences to be unique, high quality, and engaging activities for our guests. All Experiences should meet the Host and activity standards described below, and Experiences listing pages must meet all of the merchandising standards outlined below.

Host Standards

Experience Hosts must be credible, communicate well, and be engaging. Every Host must demonstrate some of the elements under each category:


  • Host is knowledgeable in their category. This may include years of experience with the activity or professional training in their field.
  • Host’s background enhances their activity. They may have a rare skill set or a family tradition that aligns with the activity.
  • Host is recognized for their expertise. They may have actively participated in community events, accumulated a significant social media following related to their Experience, received awards from a professional organization, or have been featured in the press.


  • Host is proactive and responsive before, during, and after the Experience.
  • Host listens attentively and anticipates guest questions and needs.
  • Host is a great storyteller. The information they share and conversations with guests are authentic and not scripted.
  • Host conveys passion and excitement about the topic.


  • Host makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. They accommodate guest requests when appropriate.
  • Host facilitates connection and belonging. They are inclusive of everyone, remain sensitive to the group dynamic, and encourage guests to interact with each other.

These Host Standards apply equally to Co-Hosts.

Activity Standards

Activities must be relevant to the location or region, differentiated, designed for connection, and accurately described. Every activity must demonstrate the following elements:

Cultural relevance

  • Experiences are centered around the distinct characteristics, communities, traditions, history or significant sites of the location.


  • Every activity should be differentiated through at least one of the following:
    • Uniqueness – activities that stand out because they are one-of-a-kind, rare, or offer an uncommon take on an existing activity in an area.
    • Insider access – activities that provide access to a location, community, or perspective that is not readily available to the general public.

Participation and connection

  • The activity is designed to be interactive, not just a presentation or a show. The Host provides opportunities for guest participation and encourages guests to connect with each other and the location.
  • The activity is intentional from start to finish. For example, the Host greets guests, introducing them to one another, includes elements that surprise and delight guests, and thoughtfully concludes the activity.


  • Host and activity descriptions, and all content displayed on the listing page, match the Experience in real life.
  • Host provides clear directions to the meeting location.
  • Activity starts and ends on time.
  • Host is the person guests expected to lead the activity.
    • Guests should always know exactly who will be hosting them. If a friend, partner, or a team is helping host or manage the Experience, they must be registered as a Co-Host or assistant via the Teams tool on the Host dashboard. Learn more about Co-Hosting requirements.
  • The group size is appropriate for the activity and as advertised.

Merchandising Standards

Every listing page must meet all of the merchandising standards outlined below.

Video and photos

  • High-quality video trailer. The video features the Host and location, and highlights examples of storytelling and guest interaction.
  • High-quality photos. A minimum of five photos that feature the Host and activity, and show examples of authentic guest interaction. Images should capture the location and activity from a variety of angles.
  • Video and photos complement each other visually and tell a cohesive story.


  • Simple and easy to read. Includes proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Descriptive. Attention-grabbing. Includes what makes the activity unique and appeals to a guest’s curiosity, senses, or emotions.

Description of Activity

  • Listing description is complete and accurate, and includes:
    • What the guest will do.
    • What is provided and what is not provided.
    • What guests should bring.
    • Whether the activity may not be suitable for certain audiences.
    • How long the activity will last.
    • How large the group will be.
  • The main elements of the Experience are included in the price.
    • Add-on costs, such as tickets or transportation, must be clearly disclosed to the guest.

Description of Host and Co-Host(s)

  • Host and Co-Host(s) bio is complete and shows their relationship to the activity and place.
    • Host and Co-Host’s profile photo must be a clear picture of the Host or Co-Host and not a company logo.
    • Host and Co-Host’s profile name must be their personal name and not a business name.
    • Host and Co-Host(s) describe themselves in the “About Me” section of the Experience page.
  • Before the Experience start date, it is made clear to guests which Host or Co-Host is leading their instance of the Experience.


Hosts must honor all booked reservations

Hosts must honor their reservations, unless the Host must cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance, safety concerns, or inclement weather conditions. Learn more about our Experience Host Cancellation policy.

Guest feedback

Guests expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where in the world they book. Experiences must maintain a high overall rating and avoid too many low review ratings from guests. Hosts with repeated low ratings or guest-reported issues may have their listings suspended and/or removed from Airbnb.

Vibrant and inclusive marketplace delivering value

The Experiences marketplace represents a variety of categories, cultures, and subcultures. Hosts come from different backgrounds and walks of life, connecting guests to a wide range of local communities in an authentic way. 

In addition to requiring that all Experiences meet the Host, activity, and merchandising standards above, Airbnb continuously monitors data about individual Experiences and the collective Experiences offered in our marketplace. We take into account whether Experiences contribute to a harmonious balance of high value and diversified Experiences in their location. Based on these inputs, we may decline, suspend and/or remove Experiences from Airbnb

Activities with special requirements or restrictions

Sexual content or nudity

Hosts must not offer sexually explicit activities like going to strip clubs or visiting pornographic theaters. If an Experience involves nudity and/or sexual content, e.g. burlesque shows, nude figure drawing class, it must be clearly identified as suitable for guests of legal adult age, and the nature of the experience and any nudity or sexual content must be disclosed. Such Experiences must take place in a public place, not a private residence.


We only allow the use of weapons when the Host has complied with all applicable laws, including licensing requirements, and has insurance. Experiences involving firearms must be limited to guests of legal adult age, depending on local legal requirements.

Political activities

We don’t allow Experiences that include direct political actions, like campaigning and fundraising. Activities that are informational and are educational in nature are permitted, depending on local legal requirements.

Gender-specific experiences

Hosts should offer Experiences to all people. Hosts, however, may offer a single gender experience if it is intended to create a safe space, such as by protecting participant privacy, or to comply with legal requirements or cultural norms.

Special categories

Certain categories of Experiences on Airbnb have additional standards:

Verification requirements

If an Experience includes a technically specialized activity, such as driving, boating, or flying, where we require proof of a license, certification, or insurance, it will be declined or removed if any of the following is true:

  • The Host does not submit the requested documents to our validation partner Evident ID.
  • The required documents are expired.
  • The name(s) on the documents does not match the name listed on the Host’s Airbnb profile.
  • The documents don’t meet our license or insurance requirements.
  • Evident ID cannot process the provided documents for any other reason (e.g. blurry photo or unrecognized document type).

Hosts will also be required to attest that they have the appropriate licenses and insurance for their Experience.

What we don’t allow on Experiences

Violation of local laws or restrictions

Hosts are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and other requirements that apply to their Experience. Hosts can find information about some of the legal obligations that may apply to their Experience, including information about food, alcohol, the use of public lands, and tour guiding, on our Responsible Hosting Pages.

Disregard for safety

Host must take sufficient and appropriate precautions when planning and executing activities.

Intellectual property violations

We do not permit the use of copyrighted work such as music, videos, photography, or literature unless the work was created or properly licensed by the Host, or is in the public domain. We also prohibit the unauthorized use of other types of intellectual property such as trademarks (e.g. brand names) or individual names (e.g. celebrities) that suggest an endorsement of, or affiliation with, a Host or Experience.

Inappropriate content and discrimination

Experiences must follow all requirements outlined in Airbnb's Content Policy and Nondiscrimination Policy. This includes accepting and not discriminating against people on the basis of their nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, age, marital status, familial status.

Mistreatment of animals

Airbnb’s Animal Welfare Guidelines apply to Experiences involving non-domesticated animals in the wild and in captivity, as well as domesticated animals under human care. Violations include direct interactions with wild animals such as riding, petting, feeding, dog sled racing, the purchase or consumption of wild animal products, and certain other activities.

Dangerous sports

Hosts may not offer Experiences involving extreme heights or caves (e.g. bungee, skydiving, heli-skiing, cave diving), certain ocean activities (e.g. free diving, kiteboarding, shark diving), or certain ice or mountain activities (e.g. canyoneering, ice climbing, free climbing).

Crossing country borders

Experiences must take place in a single country. Experiences that include crossing a country border are not permitted.

Payments outside of Airbnb's system

Experience Hosts may not solicit an online or offline payment from guests in violation of Airbnb’s off-platform payment policy. Read about our off-platform payment policy.

What doesn’t qualify as an Experience

Unhosted activities

Hosts may not hand guests off to third party suppliers, or leave guests on their own without a Host. Hosts and Co-Hosts must personally lead their guests throughout the entirety of the Experience. Audio tours are an example of an unhosted activity and therefore are not permitted.

Online Experiences

At this time, we do not allow online Experiences.


Services refer to professional offerings or assistance to facilitate and enhance the travel experience. These may include, but are not limited to, transportation, accommodation, private chefs, photo shoots, beauty and wellness services (tattoo, massage, etc.), or sports classes. A service is typically provided for the convenience or comfort of the traveler.

Services are not eligible as Airbnb Experiences because they don't meet our standards for being differentiated and participatory. Learn more about what doesn't qualify as an Airbnb Experience.


Experiences that include accommodations or lodging of any kind are not permitted outside of Airbnb Adventures. If you are interested in sharing your space, consider becoming a Host of a place to stay.

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