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Use wishlists to save listings

Keep track of all the wonderful things you discover on Airbnb.

Save to a wishlist

Found a place or experience that you love? Simply click or tap the heart  on any listing you want to keep top of mind.

You can save the listing to an existing wishlist, or create a new wishlist. When you save multiple listings from the same search, they will automatically be added to the same wishlist. You can always tap Change to save a listing to a different wishlist. You can add up to 100 listings per wishlist.

Wishlist entries are saved with the dates you originally searched. You can always update your trip dates in a wishlist as needed.

Collaborate with friends

Get everyone involved in planning a trip excited by inviting them to join your wishlists. Wishlist collaborators who are logged in to Airbnb can add and view notes, vote up or down on listings, change proposed trip dates, and update the guest count. The share button will also show who’s already been added as a collaborator to the list. To add more collaborators, tap the group of user pictures for your current collaborators to share to more people. Note that anyone with a wishlist link can view the wishlist.

To remove a collaborator, click or tap their profile and select Remove. If they have a wishlist link, they’ll still be able to access the wishlist. You can always delete an existing wishlist and create a new one to generate a new wishlist share link.

Share a collaborative Wishlist

Share a wishlist on desktop

  1. Click Profile and then click Wishlists 
  2. Click the wishlist you want to share
  3. Click Share
  4. Choose how you want to share your wishlist

Share a view-only wishlist link

You can share a view-only version of your wishlist by going to settings and selecting Share as view only. You’ll have options to share your list as a link or through your social media apps.

Delete a wishlist

Delete a wishlist on desktop

  1. Click your Profile and then click Wishlist
  2. Click the wishlist you want to delete
  3. Click the three dots
  4. Click Delete, confirm your choice, then click Delete again

Edit a wishlist

Edit a wishlist on desktop

  1. Click Profile and then click Wishlists 
  2. Click the wishlist you want to edit
  3. Click the three dots
  4. Click Rename or Delete, or Leave if the wishlist is owned by someone else and you’re a collaborator
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