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Vacation rentals with breakfast in Zhubei City

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Home in Emei Township
Goblin Cottage - Airbnb Referral Emei Homes Introducing Affordable Emei Homes for Breakfast, Coffee, and More From $1,480
Nearby Emei Lake, the surrounding attractions include the Emei Lake Circle Lake Trail, Shimao Po Hanging Bridge, Shifang Zen Forest Daoist, Ziluo Big Buddha, Golden Legendary Oven Grill Bread, Ziliao Mountain Climbing Trail, Shigeto Mountain Climbing Trail, Shootou Mountain Climbing Trail, Beipuo Old Street, and Green World are the contents of the trip that tourists will match together. Located in Emei Township, the hometown retains the old days, the sunrise is done, the sunset is breathtaking, quiet at night, and birds in the morning.I drifted north to work in Tianlongguo, the room is a private building, the room is clean and spacious, because I have been home for a long time, I will share the room with guests. Although the simple room is not hostile, the hotel is luxurious, the homestay is fully equipped, but there is a clean and spacious space. The exterior of the cottage is a color chosen by my father. I want to live with children, and friends can be as colorful and hopeful. 1 king-size bed and 2 king-size single beds can accommodate 4 travelers, hoping that tourists can get physical and mental relaxation when traveling to the countryside, comfortable and pressure-free, so the beds are large.Internet 55-inch TV, cooling and air purifier are also provided, toilet paper, hair dryer, and cups are provided. The bathroom has a shower, wet and dry separation, because most people like to dry the bathroom, especially with a semi-circular glass wall, bath, shampoo, wash of face in the sink.Due to Taiwan's water quality compared to the European and American and Japanese countries, we have a bathing core so that guests can not easily fall off their hair and skin allergies. Breakfast, coffee, plus the strong human touch of the boss, let you experience the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan ~ I look forward to your booking and have a great day.
Apr 14 – 21
$44 per night
4.96 out of 5 average rating, 24 reviews
Home in Toufen City
"Little Day" is a 4 ~ 8-person 4k video Theater. Early.
The house is located in a quiet residential area in the countryside, so it needs to be booked with volume control ~ This home is a home away from home to a welcoming home away from home and gathering. 2024 Add Xiaomi Projection 2 to the ground floor living room, allowing you to enjoy 4k visuals of high screen high quality visuals on the theater. There are two rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.As long as you book more than 2-4 people, there will be no strangers to use it independently. If you have more than 5 people, if you have a private house with more than 5 people, you can choose a small day charter plan in my account. This room type offers a local queue breakfast!Cooperate with your time to provide you with a hot breakfast! Design-filled rooms are a healing place for your vacation, and you want every traveler to have a high-quality stay.We have designed a total of 4 room types: Earth Scandinavian, modern Japanese, minimalist black and white, light and luxurious princess, I hope that friends with selection disabilities do not bother too much, because each room is beautiful but very different (please confirm the room type when booking) This house is located 3 minutes away from the main interchange, not far from the dust, although the neighborhood is full of green rice paddies, but 5 minutes to enter the city center, 8 minutes to Shangshun, I believe that you who love life will also love this place! Selection Presentation: 4k projector/imported wooden floor/imported wooden floor/imported bed/hanging chair/no printed bean bag/split air conditioner/Nordic chandelier/floor lamp/style carpet/LCD TV/balcony/wet/dry separate bathroom/planting/kitchen dining room
May 7 – 14
$79 per night
4.78 out of 5 average rating, 120 reviews
Home in Touwu Township
First dew. Come see.Miaoguri Tent House "Tent Homestay" Stargazing, watching the clouds and the sea, camping does not need to prepare equipment!DIY oil mochi with breakfast and dinner. Airbed with airbed
Recommended forest lodging | The view is super beautiful green forest, suitable for the whole family to spend a vacation together. We are surrounded by grassy forests, mountains and storms that not only “breathe” but integrate with nature.Staying in a natural, fresh and refreshing space, your companion can enjoy a different healing environment from the city; adults can release the stress of the weekdays, children can stay close to the pristine forest like a fairy tale, and the greenery and sounds of the water can be heard.Let's stay overnight in the countryside while it's hot in the summer! What's special about our listings is: 1. You can camp outdoors but you can enjoy the indoor equipment. 2. You don't need to bring any camping supplies and we will help you prepare.No tent gorgeous camping area recommend!Stargazing, prizeing, watching the sea of clouds, how to shoot beautifully. 3. Enjoy dinner (barbecue ingredients or Hakka special dishes are basic and prepared according to the number of people), breakfast, coffee and tea, and most specially, DIY experience classes (making Hakka crystal dumplings, vegetable bags, etc.) 4. Equipment: Table games, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, KTVs are available for both indoor and outdoor stays, and the coolest thing is that evening can also be used for camping fires. 5.This house is located in the natural water conservation area of Hida Reservoir, there are many lovely nature creatures to enjoy and peaceful coexistence. Length of stay: 14:30 - 11:00 Cost: Breakfast, Dinner, DIY: $1500 per person Breakfast included, DIY: $1250 per person Welcome to the private conversation, thank you
Dec 16 – 23
$47 per night
5.0 out of 5 average rating, 4 reviews

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House rentals with breakfast

Home in Pingzhen District
Kid-friendly farm Friends of all ages are welcome to come and experience the beauty of the farm!
Nov 30 – Dec 7
$452 per night
New place to stay
Home in Guanxi Township
Thumb Garden Homestay
Feb 1 – 8
$153 per night
New place to stay
Home in Fuxing District
May 3 – 10
$90 per night
New place to stay
Home in Zhongli District
Zhong 'an Mazu New Village Mazu New Village Hidden Garden Homestay 4-person Private Building
Mar 10 – 17
$125 per night
New place to stay
Room in Luzhu District
Japanese style cottage: Sunny room (private en-suite private bathroom). Taoyuan Airport MRT high-speed rail interchange is fast and convenient
Apr 27 – May 4
$72 per night
4.83 out of 5 average rating, 12 reviews
Room in Xinfeng Township
Simple and comfortable
Jul 30 – Aug 6
$44 per night
5.0 out of 5 average rating, 3 reviews
Place to stay in Xinfeng Township
Apr 30 – May 7
$25 per night
New place to stay
Room in 埔里鎮
Kitty House Bali Backpackers
Mar 24 – 31
$71 per night
New place to stay
Room in Guanxi Township
Stony Villa.
Oct 18 – 23
$575 per night
New place to stay
Home in Zhongli District
Horse Village Hideaway Homestay < North. Taoyuan 8-person private lodge >
May 5 – 12
$373 per night
New place to stay
Home in Touwu Township
Tent Homestay offers air beds for 4-16 people in chestnut, hilltop retreats, persistent hosting only - group travel, DIY experience + breakfast!
May 9 – 16
$47 per night
New place to stay
Home in Zhongli District
Ma Village Hidden Garden Homestay < North.Taoyuan 6 Guesthouse >
May 16 – 23
$310 per night
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Apartment rentals with breakfast

Room in Guishan District
Merci花惹發 l Near by train station雙人房
Apr 4 – 11
$33 per night
New place to stay
Room in Linkou District
Meal: A 02 + Forest Gate Comfort Garden - 3 Person Ya Room
May 25 – Jun 1
$21 per night
4.47 out of 5 average rating, 15 reviews
Room in 龜山區
Triple room type for long-term stays near Shanglinkou Changfu Hospital
Jun 6 – 13
$19 per night
New place to stay
Room in Linkou District
A02 - Linkuchi Minimal Cozy Garden - 3 people Elegant Room
May 17 – 24
$17 per night
New place to stay
Room in Linkou District
A02- Linkou Comfort Garden - 3 people elegant room
Mar 4 – 11
$20 per night
New place to stay
Room in Linkou District
A02 - Cozy Garden Double A Forest - 3 People's Elegant Room
May 6 – 13
$23 per night
New place to stay

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