Airbnb 2023 Summer Release for Hosts

Introducing 25 upgrades for Hosts, from calendar to checkout

Your feedback inspired all kinds of new features across the hosting experience. And with Early Access, you can start using them today.

Redesigned pricing tools

Now, all the pricing tools are in the calendar—so you can easily set and adjust your prices from one place. With our updated price breakdown, you’ll also see the total price for guests and what you earn.

Compare similar listings

For the first time ever, you can compare your price to the average price of similar listings booked nearby, helping you stay more competitive.

Swipe-to-select and yearly view

Now in calendar, you can swipe to select a date range on mobile—no more tapping each day individually. And coming soon, get a 12‑month overview at a glance with the new yearly view.

Built-in checkout instructions

Quickly add common checkout instructions to your listing, and easily include custom requests. Guests will be reminded of the tasks before leaving, and can tap to notify you when they’ve checked out.

Inbox read receipts

You and your guests will both get read receipts so you know if a message has been seen. Plus, you can now share checkout instructions faster with new quick replies.

Co-Host permissions and payouts

It’s easy to invite new Co‑Hosts, and you can set Co‑Host permissions with a tap—choose full access, calendar and inbox, or just calendar. It’s also possible to configure and share payouts with your Co‑Host.

A quick look at all the new Host features

See total price
You can view your total nightly price across the app to always know what guests will pay.
Swipe-to-select dates
Swipe to quickly select or edit a date range in the calendar—no need to tap individual days.
Built-in checkout instructions
Create checkout instructions even faster by picking from a pre‑set list of common tasks.
Inbox read receipts
You and your guests both get read receipts so you know if a message has been seen.
Co-Host tab
A new tab lets you view all Co-Hosts and manage their permissions and payouts.
Early Access
You can now try out new features, then help us fine‑tune them by sharing your feedback.
Price breakdown
An updated price breakdown shows you what guests pay and you earn.
Compare similar listings
Compare your price to the average price of similar listings nearby to stay competitive.
Pricing and availability settings
Refreshed calendar tools have been updated for a consistent experience across devices.
Weekly and monthly discounts
Use a new slider to set or adjust discounts, while also seeing the price guests will pay.
Yearly calendar view on mobile
Soon, you can view your availability for the year, and each month’s price—on one screen.
Custom checkout details
Add specific requests to your checkout instructions that are unique to your home.
Automatic checkout info
Guests will be auto‑sent your checkout details a day before they leave.
One-tap checkout notifications
With just a tap, guests can now notify you when they’ve checked out of your place.
Quick replies for checkout
Use quick replies and scheduled messages to easily share your checkout instructions.
Review highlights for Rooms Hosts
Host profiles for Airbnb Rooms now highlight notable quotes about the Host.
Fun facts in profile
Customize your profile with fun, new details, like your favorite song in high school.
Host travel history
Share trips you’ve taken on Airbnb to give guests a better sense of your travel tastes.
Host interests
You can now select hobbies from a pre‑set list to help find shared interests with guests.
More detailed guest profiles
Guests can add new details to their profile, so you know a little more about who’s booking.
Simpler Co-Host invitations
It’s now easier than ever to invite Co‑Hosts to help manage your listings.
New Co-Host permissions
Set new permissions, choosing: full access, calendar and inbox, or just calendar.
New Co-Host payouts
You can now share payouts with a Co‑Host as either a percentage or fixed amount.
Identity verification of guests
All booking guests worldwide will go through identity verification.
Worldwide reservation screening
The technology that helps reduce the risk of parties and damage is now globally available.

Airbnb Rooms: Featuring the new Host Passport

A new take on private rooms—with a Host Passport to help guests get to know you before they book, and search tools that elevate your listing.

Host Passport

Share details about yourself with guests, like your favorite hobbies, pet’s name, fun facts, and what makes staying with you special.

Redesigned filters

Our updated filters make it simple for guests to switch between types of stays, and easily view the average prices of rooms and homes.

Airbnb Rooms category

It’s easier than ever for guests to discover Airbnb Rooms listings with a new category featured at the top of our homepage.