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All the ways to host on Airbnb

Maybe you have a special place to stay, or a great idea for an unforgettable Airbnb Experience. Hosting connects you to the world, and we’re here to help—so you can have fun with it.

How to sign up

Let’s get started! It’s free to sign up and list both stays and Airbnb Experiences. Before you begin, get to know our hosting quality standards.

Host a place to stay

How you host is up to you. You can list an entire home, or a room in a B&B—or perhaps another unique space. You might want to greet your guests on site, or offer self check-in. In order to set yourself up for success, check out Airbnb’s basic requirements to host stays.

There are different ways to host:

  • Host your place yourself
  • Co-host a place to stay with a friend or partner
  • Work together with a hosting team to manage your listings
  • You can even offer your space for free to people who need temporary housing, like a COVID-19 first responder or a family fleeing conflict in their home country.

Need more help? Learn more about the world of hosting. Or if you’re ready to host, why not create your listing.

Host an Airbnb Experience

Airbnb Experiences bring people together—whether it’s classes, tours, concerts, or other activities. Airbnb looks for Hosts who can provide expertise, insider access, and connection.

If you are ready to share some local expertise, just make sure:

And if you need more help—here’s a great intro to hosting Experiences.

Regulations for hosting

Stays and Experiences are offered all around the world, though we’re required to comply with international regulations that restrict the use of our site by residents of certain countries or regions. Because of this, our services are not available in some places, such as Crimea, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Find out more about legal and regulatory issues for hosting places to stay, and responsible hosting for Experiences on Airbnb.

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