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Weekly and monthly discounts

Longer stays often mean higher occupancy, lower turnover, and less work for you. Try incentivizing them by offering discounts on a weekly, monthly, or other specified basis.

    To set weekly, monthly, and other length-based discounts:

      1. Go to Listings and select the listing you want to edit
      2. Click Pricing and availability and go to Discounts
      3. Next to Weekly discount, Monthly discount, or Add a discount for other stays, click Edit
      4. Enter your discount amount and click Save

      Note: After the discount is applied, your minimum daily price must still be at least $10 per day.

      Weekly discounts apply to reservations of 7 or more nights. Monthly discounts apply to reservations of 28 nights or more. The discounted price will be highlighted next to the original in search results and in the price breakdown on your listing.

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