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Barrio Escalante
Eat & make chocolates at local Factory
From Price:$47 / person
San José
Night Walking Tour & Special Dinner with Cocktail Classes
From Price:$67 / person
Tamarindo Bar Crawl Experience
From Price:$42 / person
Produciendo Café en el Bosque Nuboso de Monteverde
From Price:$42 / person
Party Bus Sunday Funday - Beach & Pool Crawl from Tamarindo
From Previous price:$37Discounted price:$30 / person
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Hands on artesanal chocolate, bean to bar
From Price:$41 / person
Ultimate Costa Rican Coffee Experience
From Price:$51 / person
Fourteen Watefalls & Offroad Jeep ride & Lunch
From Price:$64 / person
Conceptual Speakeasy Bar Mixology Wake up your senses
From Price:$95 / person
Santa Ana
Farmers market and cooking lesson
From Price:$47 / person
Esterillos Este
Horseback Riding on the Beach by Cr Beach Barn
From Price:$84 / person
Don Juan Coffee, Cocoa and Caña Tour
From Price:$44 / person
Traditional cuisine in the Cloud Forest
From Price:$36 / person
San José
San Jose Walking Bites and Sights Tour
From Price:$43 / person
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Learn Caribbean cooking with a native
From Price:$42 / person
Night walk tour Jungle Dinner
From Price:$66 / person
Authentic Cooking & Family Experience
From Price:$42 / person
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Food & Culture Tour
From Price:$72 / person
San José
One Day Tour Volcán Poás
From Price:$134 / person
Playa Grande
Experience a luxurious and unique Beach Picnic
From Price:$117 / person