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    Why strive for Superhost status

    Learn about the benefits of the program, plus find out how to qualify.
    By Airbnb on Nov 21, 2019
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    Updated May 13, 2021


    • Superhosts are the top-rated and most experienced Airbnb hosts

    • Superhosts can get more bookings, earnings, and other program perks

    • The must-haves: 4.8+ overall rating, 10+ stays or 100 nights, <1% cancellation rate, and a 90% response rate

    • Check how close you are in your profile’s Opportunities tab

    • Discover more in our complete guide to taking your hosting to the next level

    Do you offer top-notch hospitality? Are you super responsive with guests? Getting great reviews? You might be Superhost material! “When I started hosting 10 months ago, I imagined myself as the guest and how I'd want to be treated,” says Superhost Terry from Toronto. “It paid off.” Read on to learn what it really means to score the coveted Superhost status.

    Come one, come all (hosts)

    Airbnb’s Superhost program celebrates and rewards the top-rated and most experienced Airbnb hosts. Regardless of what kind of space you have—from a simple spare room to a sprawling estate—any host can become a Superhost by consistently offering exceptional hospitality.

    Superhosts, super benefits

    When you become a Superhost, you’re rewarded with a special badge on your profile and listing. Superhosts have the chance to:

      • Earn extra money
        Superhosts often benefit from a significant increase in earnings. More visibility and trust from guests can mean more money for you.
      • Attract more guests
        The badge can make your listing more attractive to guests—they’ll know you’re an experienced host known for great hospitality. Guests can even filter their search results to discover only listings with Superhost status.
      • Gain access to exclusive rewards
        You’ll get an extra 20% on top of the usual bonus when you refer new hosts. And after 4 consecutive quarters as a Superhost, you’ll receive a travel coupon. 

      Program benefits may vary by market and country.

      When I started hosting, I imagined myself as the guest and how I’d want to be treated. It paid off.

      4 must-haves to become a Superhost

      Wondering if you’ve got what it takes? Superhosts must meet the following criteria to qualify for—and maintain—their special status:

      1. Maintain a high overall rating
      You must have a 4.8 or higher average overall rating based on reviews from your Airbnb guests in the past year. Guests know they can expect outstanding hospitality from these hosts.

      2. Be experienced
      You must have hosted at least 10 stays in the past year, or if you host longer-term reservations, 100 nights over at least 3 stays. Guests can feel confident staying with an experienced host.

      3. Avoid cancellations
      You must have canceled less than 1% of the time, not including extenuating circumstances. This means 0 cancellations if you have fewer than 100 reservations in a year. Rare cancellations mean more peace of mind for guests.

      4. Be responsive
      You must have responded to 90% of new, booking-related messages within 24 hours. When guests ask you questions, they know they’ll get a quick reply.

      Qualify every 3 months

      Four times a year, you’ll have the chance to qualify for Superhost status. Airbnb checks all hosts every three months based on their previous 365 days of hosting. If hosts have areas to improve, they need to meet all requirements by the next assessment to earn or keep their Superhost status.

      Nov 21, 2019
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