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    Tips from Airbnb Plus hosts: How to offer excellent service

    Help guests feel at home with clear communication and Airbnb Plus hosting tips.
    By Airbnb on Apr 21, 2021
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    Updated Apr 21, 2021


    • Build trust with guests by avoiding unexpected drop-ins and long lists of what not to do

    • Respect individual needs and preferences, including personal boundaries

    • Be available when necessary, and respond in a timely manner

    • Provide insider tips to help guests get around like a local

    Airbnb Plus hosts offer memorable stays that begin and end with genuine care and outstanding service, from welcoming all people with warmth to making sure guests’ needs are reflected in every detail. Here are some of the ways successful Airbnb Plus hosts engage with their guests:

    Build trust with guests

    Show guests you trust them to treat your place like their own. It’s a good hosting practice to approach guests with empathy and consider their privacy. For example, don’t surprise them with unexpected drop-ins, or leave long lists of what not to do in the house manual.

    Respect individual needs and preferences

    Adapt your style to each person’s needs. For example, remove flowering plants, nuts, or scented candles for guests who mention an allergy. Be aware of personal boundaries, and only engage with guests when it’s welcomed.

    “You can see when guests arrive whether they need a bit more attention, or if they want their own space,” says Airbnb Plus host Chris of Cape Town, South Africa. Picking up on these cues is essential, and will lead to positive experiences for guests. “Chris is a wonderful, generous host; we felt secure and well looked-after, but also had total privacy,” says Daniel, a guest who stayed with Chris.

    Establish clear communication

    Transparency is important for guests. Ahead of time, pass on information about things that could impact a stay, like nearby construction. Do what you can to anticipate common issues, and act quickly to resolve any that arise. Being mindful of factors that are always in flux—seasons, weather, holidays, events, etc.—can help you offer solutions ahead of time.

    Be available when necessary

    Stay in touch with guests throughout their stay, and be ready to assist if needed. Respond thoughtfully and in a timely fashion: ideally within 8 hours before check-in, and within one hour during the stay (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time). Stay friendly and positive, even if things go wrong.

    “I’m always available by text so that guests know I can solve any issues that may come up [or] help with language barriers, or simply have peace of mind that I’m available,” says Airbnb Plus host Abril of Mexico City, who lives near her property.

    Make things right

    If something comes up, act quickly to resolve any problems while maintaining communication with guests. Step in to fix broken appliances or amenities, regardless of when or how the damage occurred. Offer to personally help if guests encounter an issue, such as a tricky lock or low water pressure.

    Provide local pointers

    To take some of the stress out of traveling, share insider tips with directions to your place or the best ways to use local public transit. If there might be construction nearby or restrictive street parking options, offer guests a proper heads-up for getting around, and provide alternatives if possible.

    Empathy, respect, consideration, and understanding go a long way in establishing trust with guests and making sure they have a wonderful stay. Above all, try to remain available and stay transparent about any issues, and make things right if anything unexpected happens.

    Apr 21, 2021
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