Tap into the power of Host-to-Host support

Connect with other Hosts to find tips and create a community.
By Airbnb on May 3, 2023
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Updated May 3, 2023


  • In Host Clubs, chat and collaborate with local Hosts online and in person

  • On our Community Center, connect with Hosts from around the world and representatives from Airbnb

Since 2007, more than 4 million Hosts have listed their places on Airbnb. Many of these Hosts have found the connection and support they needed through local Host Clubs or the Airbnb Community Center.

Join a Host Club for local support

Host Clubs are run by and for Hosts in communities around the world, through private Facebook groups and meetups. By joining a local Host Club, you gain access to:

  • Tips from Hosts who’ve navigated things like short-term rental regulations in your area
  • In-person and virtual meetups that can lead to meaningful relationships
  • Insider access to the latest Airbnb news and product updates
  • Potential guest referrals from Hosts who receive a request they can’t accommodate
  • A sense of community and ongoing support

“Not too long ago, one of the Hosts in our community was struggling to get a lot of bookings,” says Janvi, a Community Leader in Kenya. “Within minutes, others in the group responded with tips for setting a competitive nightly rate in the area, hiring a local photographer to capture her space, and updating her decor. It’s always inspiring to see the community band together to support one another.”

Join the conversation on the Community Center

The Airbnb Community Center is an online forum that connects new and experienced Hosts from around the world. Hosts are welcomed into a collaborative, lively space where they can:

  • Search existing conversations and access tips on a wide range of topics
  • Ask for advice on how to handle a specific situation, such as how to respond to a guest’s message or negative review
  • Share their listing with other Hosts and get feedback and tips for improvement
  • Exchange stories about their hosting experiences, such as a sweet note they received from a guest or a calendar issue they’re dealing with
  • Give feedback directly to Airbnb employees

“Three years after I started hosting I came to the Community Center looking for a fix for a specific tech problem,” says Lawrene, a Host in Nova Scotia, Canada. “Reading through the conversations, I realized I could’ve avoided many common pitfalls had I joined sooner.

“It is indeed a community. It’s people giving advice and support as themselves—not hidden behind avatars and usernames. It’s people who are generous and care about others. There are so many Hosts here I want to stay with one day.”

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May 3, 2023
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