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    Supporting guests during their stay

    Hosts Giuliana and Sandor share how they make guests feel welcome.
    By Airbnb on Mar 2, 2020
    2 min video
    Updated Jun 7, 2021


    • Great hospitality means making your guests feel as welcome as possible

      • Develop a routine you enjoy to make hosting easier and more fun

      • Discover more in our complete guide to delighting your first guests

      Many hosts believe it’s their job to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. And while cozy furnishings and inviting touches go a long way in making that happen, your hospitality is what leaves a lasting impression. While some hosts offer self check-in, others find that sitting down together for wine and cheese or a cup of tea helps guests feel welcome. Good hospitality means different things to different people, so find out what works for you—and then stick to your routine to simplify the process.

      Mar 2, 2020
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