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    Policies and protections to help you host with confidence

    Learn about Host controls, house rules, guest standards, and more.
    By Airbnb on Oct 20, 2020
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    Updated Nov 9, 2021


    • We provide many tools to help you control when and how you host

    • House rules are a great way to set expectations, and we’re helping you highlight them throughout the booking process

    • We also enforce guest standards and hold guests accountable for our community policies, like our nondiscrimination policy

    Airbnb has taken a number of measures to help you attract guests who’ll be a good fit for your space—and treat you and your belongings with respect.

    In response to the ever-changing needs of our community, we’re helping improve your experience with guests by providing you with more control over your reservations, giving you more information about guests, and helping you protect your property.

    Decide what’s right for you

    Beginning with how many people can stay and what spaces they can access, you let guests know what works for you.

    Some of the settings you'll decide include:

    • How guests book: You choose how guests book your place—either by using Instant Book or by making booking requests manually.
    • Identification: Guests must provide their full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and payment information to Airbnb before booking. You also have the option of requiring guests to provide Airbnb with a government ID before they can book. Learn how to request that guests be verified
    • Booking window: You can control how far in advance you want to accept bookings. For example, you can choose to block dates 3, 6, or 12 months from today.
    • Advance notice: You choose the amount of time you need to prepare for guests—for instance, avoiding same-day or next-day bookings.
    • Trip length: You can set a minimum and maximum length of stay for your guests subject to local laws.

    Learn more about choosing booking settings

    Set expectations with house rules

    Help guests evaluate whether your space is a good fit before they book it by sharing your expectations—like if certain parts of your space are off-limits or if visitors aren’t allowed. Giving guests a preview of what to expect can make for a better experience and more positive reviews.

    Because of the importance of house rules, we’ll be making them even more visible to guests by November 2020:

    • Key house rules—like not allowing smoking or pets—will be visible at the top of your listing page so that they’re more prominent as guests search.
    • All the house rules you’ve listed, including important safety disclosures, will be visible in the details of your listing page.
    • House rules will be displayed again on the booking confirmation page to help better ensure that guests understand and agree to them before completing a reservation.
    • They’ll also be included in the booking confirmation email to remind guests of your expectations before they arrive.

    Learn how to make the most of house rules

    You can also add important safety information to your listing by answering a few questions about safety features and amenities, like if you have security cameras or need to climb two flights of stairs to the entrance. This can help prevent surprises at check-in and help your guests have a better overall experience.

    Note: All house rules must be in line with Airbnb’s policies and terms—including our terms of service and nondiscrimination policy.

    Host protections

    Although rare, accidents sometimes happen. But it might reassure you to know AirCover includes Host damage protection and Host liability insurance.

    To help keep our community safe, we also proactively try to detect parties on behalf of Hosts whenever possible. Here’s what we’re doing to help protect you:

    Cancellation notifications: Soon, we’ll share alerts in your inbox if we proactively cancel or deter reservations that may have led to a party, based on previous guest reviews that mention parties and other criteria. We know it can be frustrating when reservations are canceled unexpectedly, so we want to give you more context going forward.

    Host-controlled cancellations: By the end of October 2020, you’ll be able to immediately cancel a reservation that you have valid reason to believe will lead to a party—based on message threads or previous guest reviews that mention parties—without contacting support. As long as your reason is upheld by our review team, you won’t receive financial penalties or have your Superhost status affected.

    When our team reviews a cancellation, they’ll search for evidence of a potential party from previous guest reviews or message threads. While this process will allow Hosts to cancel when they suspect parties, all cancellations must still be in line with Airbnb’s nondiscrimination policy.

    With these protections in place and some basic safety measures on your part, you can host with more confidence. For more details about the important ways Airbnb helps keep Hosts and guests safe, visit Airbnb’s Trust and Safety page.

    Community standards

    Airbnb also places a high value on maintaining our Community Standards, which seek to help ensure safety and foster belonging in our global community. Below are some of the ways we encourage this shared commitment with Hosts and guests.

    • Guest standards: Our guest reliability standards clarify what Airbnb expects of guests, with the goal of ensuring that Hosts can consistently have more positive experiences. When a guest is reported for not meeting one of the standards outlined in the policy, the behavior is considered alongside past violations, which informs the enforcement decisions made by Airbnb. If it’s determined that a guest has violated these standards, we’ll provide information about the policy and warnings. Guests who frequently or severely violate these standards may be suspended or removed.
    • Community commitment: We ask guests and Hosts to agree to treat everyone in the Airbnb community with respect, and without judgment or bias. We take reports of discrimination very seriously, and we investigate all reports we receive. Our community support team also takes corrective action when we find violations of our nondiscrimination policy.

    We expect that, over time, these changes will improve guest behavior and your experiences as a Host. There’s still more work to be done, and we appreciate your ongoing input. As always, thank you for being a Host. 

    Host damage protection and Host liability insurance don’t cover Hosts who offer stays through Airbnb Travel, LLC, or Hosts in mainland China and Japan, where the China Host Protection Plan and Japan Host Insurance apply. Host damage protection isn’t related to Host liability insurance.

    Keep in mind that all coverage limits are shown in USD, and there are other terms, conditions, and exclusions.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • We provide many tools to help you control when and how you host

    • House rules are a great way to set expectations, and we’re helping you highlight them throughout the booking process

    • We also enforce guest standards and hold guests accountable for our community policies, like our nondiscrimination policy
    Oct 20, 2020
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