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    Offer an easy check-in with the refreshed Trips tab

    We’re updating how guests receive your check-in information.
    By Airbnb on May 13, 2021
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    Updated Nov 9, 2021


    • The Trips tab gathers important details to help welcome your guests with ease—and save you time

    • We’ve redesigned the Trips tab to make check-in easier for guests 

    • Make sure that you’ve filled out the Info for guests section of your Listings tab

    One of the most important moments of a trip is the arrival, when guests discover your space for the first time. This can be exciting, but if they don’t have certain info, a shaky check-in can set an uneasy tone for the guests' entire stay—and have an impact on your review.

    That’s where the Trips tab comes in: It’s where guests find all the info they need before checking in to your space. 48 hours before arriving, guests will find a handy check-in guide in their Trips tab that puts crucial details, such as the door code and wifi password, front and center.

    To help both guests and Hosts enjoy a seamless check-in experience, we’re refreshing the Trips tab to highlight these details more prominently for guests. We’ve also added a countdown in their reservation details that tracks the days left until a guest’s arrival, reminding them to get geared up for their trip.

    The Trips tab makes it easier for guests to access these details on one screen—helping you to ensure their stay gets off to a 5-star start. Read on for some tips to help your guests find that must-have info.

    Giving your guests a seamless arrival

    First, we need some info from you. Have you filled out all the fields under the Info for guests section of your Listings tab? To check, visit your Listings tab, select a listing to update, and ensure all the fields under the Info for guests section are complete. There are 3 key fields that need to be filled out so your guests have all their trip information

    • Directions to your space
    • Check-in instructions
    • Wifi info

    To help provide a smooth experience, you can still send guests a message with detailed instructions or important info about the space before they arrive. You can also welcome guests virtually or physically to help them feel more at ease.

    Getting to your space

    Filling out all the fields under Info for guests can help your guests find your space without any issues. This includes your address as well as any specific instructions that might be helpful.

    Map apps can usually get your guests most of the way there with just the address. This means you typically don’t need to provide turn-by-turn directions, which can add confusion. 

    However, adding other details that might not be available in standard map apps can help guests navigate to your space. For example, if your apartment building has a side entrance or you have a bright red mailbox outside your house, it’s helpful to include that info.

    How to get inside

    Once your guests find your property, they’ll need to know how to unlock your door and get settled. Under Info for guests, you can share things like:

    • Your check-in method (for example, a smart lock, a lockbox, or an in-person greeting from you)
    • Clear check-in instructions. If you use the Airbnb app on iOS or Android, you can also add a step-by-step check-in guide with photos

    Once your guests know whether to expect a personal welcome or self check-in, try to give them a little more context in the check-in instructions. If you use a standard lockbox code, you can include it here (the code will be shared with your guest 48 hours before arrival). If you customize your codes for each guest, this is a great place to note that you’ll send the code separately in a message.

    For easier, more efficient communication, consider using our scheduled messages and quick replies tools, which help you respond to guests quickly or send reminders at key moments.

    Connecting to wifi

    These days, wifi is almost as necessary as electricity, so you’ll want to help ensure your guests can access it right away. It’s easy to add this info under Wifi details in the Info for guests section of your Listings tab, which includes: 

    • Your wifi network name
    • Your wifi network password

    While it’s helpful to mention wifi details in your house manual, including it in the Info for guests section can make it easily accessible to guests on their phones—and help them connect to the internet faster. 

    We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how we can improve the check-in experience over time. Feel free to pop over to the Community Center and leave us a comment.

    By adding this info, you’ll help ensure that every guest will receive important details before their trip, every time.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.
    May 13, 2021
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