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    Introducing Airbnb-friendly apartments

    We’re making it easier to find a rental you can host part-time.
    By Airbnb on Nov 30, 2022
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    Updated Nov 30, 2022


    • Search our list for rentals in apartment buildings that support hosting
    • Earn extra money hosting part-time when you’re not home

    • You can earn rewards by referring new Hosts

    Do you know a renter who wants to host? Maybe that’s you? We’re introducing Airbnb-friendly apartments—more than 175 buildings in the U.S. that give renters the chance to host part-time to earn extra money.

    We’re partnering with building managers in more than 25 cities across the U.S. to create more opportunities for new, part-time Hosts.

    How the program works

    The next time you’re searching for a place to rent, check out Airbnb-friendly apartments and discover how much you could earn hosting part-time. When you find one you’re interested in, you can tap or click to contact the building manager directly.

    Before you sign a lease, make sure you understand the rules for hosting in the building as well as local laws related to short-term rentals (or subletting). There’s usually a limit to the number of nights per year and guests per stay you’re allowed to host, and property owners may take a percentage of your earnings.

    After you’ve moved in, you set your nightly price and put your place on Airbnb. You can make it available to guests whenever you’d like, as long as you follow your building’s rules and local laws. Rules may differ if you want to list a private room when you’re home instead of your whole apartment when you’re away.

    By hosting through the program, you agree to let Airbnb share info about your hosting activity with the building manager, such as when you’re hosting, how many guests you’re expecting, and what you’re charging. When guests book your place, they agree to the building rules and your house rules. The rules may include things like quiet hours, pet policies, and no smoking.

    Airbnb does not own or operate any of the buildings. You can currently find Airbnb-friendly apartments in over 175 buildings—subject to availability—in major cities nationwide, including Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

    Read the terms of service

    How the program supports Hosts

    While creating opportunities for new Hosts, Airbnb-friendly apartments also can help the marketplace in popular travel destinations. When fewer places are available to guests, bookings overall tend to drop. Airbnb-friendly apartments can add more options, particularly during peak travel times like holidays and major public events.

    If you know someone who’d like to get started hosting, you can make a referral.

    We continue to work with local governments on short-term rental regulations that protect your ability to host while addressing neighborhood priorities. We’re helping officials recognize the value your hosting brings to your area’s economy, especially for businesses that rely on travelers.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    Nov 30, 2022
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