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    Introducing a set of hosting tools inspired by your feedback

    The new Opportunities tab tells you what guests want now—and how to adapt.
    By Airbnb on Jul 21, 2020
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    Updated Jul 21, 2020


    • The new Opportunities tab offers current travel insights and tips to help you adapt to what guests want

    • You can easily access relevant data to keep up with local travel and booking trends

    • Find out what guests are searching for in your area—and take action to stay competitive with just a few clicks

    Over the past few months, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to and learning from our hosts, trying to understand the things you need from us to weather this global crisis. In many of these conversations, the same two themes keep coming up over and over: transparency and control.

    We’ve heard you say you want information about travel trends and guest preferences—and tips on how to adapt. But you’re not just interested in recommendations without context. You want to host on your own terms, with the info and insights you need to be successful.

    Based on your feedback, we’re rolling out a new set of easy-to-use tools that will empower hosts like you to do exactly that. These include:

    • The new Opportunities tab, which offers exclusive booking insights in your area and actionable tips designed to help you adapt to guest preferences quickly
    • An insights email series featuring more competitive intelligence, as well as booking and pricing trends, delivered to your inbox regularly
    • The Resource Center, our global platform that launched earlier this year with articles and videos showcasing the best tips, insights, guidance, and updates for hosts

    You can read more about the Resource Center here—which now also includes lots of great content for hospitality entrepreneurs. We’ll be revealing more about the insights email series in a new post in the coming weeks. But today, we want to share all the details about the new Opportunities tab, available to hosts on desktop and in the Airbnb mobile app this week.

    The Opportunities tab, explained

    The new tab includes recommendations based on what we know guests are searching for on Airbnb. We’ve made it simple for you to make any relevant updates to your listings from a single place. We’re also including local travel and booking insights sourced from your specific region.

    Opportunities will be updated as travel and guest preferences in your area change, so you can be sure you’re always getting the latest info to inform how you host. Things are changing quickly, and our tips will too—so you can update your to-do list based on what guests want right now.

    What kinds of suggestions can I get from Opportunities?
    We’ll customize recommendations for you. This may include tips for allowing longer stays, offering weekly or monthly discounts, or updating your amenities to include what guests in your area are searching for, like laptop-friendly workspaces and family-friendly spaces. You’ll be able to take these tips and decide how best to use them for your hosting business.

    How do I access the Opportunities tab?
    A link to Opportunities is located within the Performance section of the dashboard for eligible hosts in select regions. Hosts who use professional hosting tools will find Opportunities in the app next month. The Opportunities tab is slowly rolling out, so it may not be available yet in your area. Hosts with access can also click here.

    Is the Opportunities tab available in my area?
    Right now, Opportunities isn’t available in all countries and regions. But we’re continually expanding access, so please check back in the Performance section of your dashboard for updates.

    Can all hosts access the Opportunities tab?
    We expect all hosts to have access soon. Software-connected hosts will be able to open Opportunities within their Airbnb account to make updates to their listings, but these changes won’t be reflected within third-party software.

    Is the Opportunities tab available for hotels?
    Hotels that connect with third-party software to Airbnb can’t access Opportunities just yet, but we’re working on giving them access in the future.

    As travel picks up, things will continue to change quickly, so we’ll update our hosting tips regularly to help you keep up with the latest trends. We can’t wait to hear how you’ll take advantage of your new Opportunities.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    Jul 21, 2020
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