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    How to support new Hosts as a Superhost Ambassador

    Help Hosts create their listings and navigate hosting for the first time.
    By Airbnb on Dec 2, 2021
    8 min video
    Updated Dec 2, 2021


    • New Hosts have lots of questions, and you’re uniquely qualified to answer them

    • We’ll give you a few examples of questions new Hosts might have, and tips on how to answer them

    Once you become a Superhost Ambassador and you’re matched with a new Host through our Ask a Superhost program, you’ll have lots of opportunities to share your hosting experience.

    From giving candid feedback on your favorite smart locks to recommending the Resource Center articles that have helped you the most, your insights are valuable to new Hosts. Here are a few common questions new Hosts often have, and how best to handle them.

    Should I host on Airbnb?

    New Hosts want to hear real-life stories and practical advice about what’s worked for you. They may have done some preliminary research, but they often want to know what it’s like to host from someone firsthand.

    Some questions they might have include:

    Hosts can reach out any time after creating an Airbnb hosting profile, so you might hear from some hosts who are still securing a property or figuring out logistics of hosting their second home part-time. They’ll want to hear about your personal experiences, but you can always send links to Resource Center articles or other materials alongside your notes for extra context.

    Being an Airbnb Ambassador means I get to share my knowledge and passion for hosting with others who are looking to get into the same business.
    Katelyn, Superhost Ambassador,
    Richmond, Virginia

    How do I prepare to host

    Once someone decides they’d like to host, they might want one-on-one guidance on creating their listing. They may ask questions like:

    You might find yourself sharing your best cleaning tips one day and weighing in about self check-in the next. You can tailor your recommendations according to a new Host’s listing type.

    Is my listing in good shape?

    When a new Host begins to create their listing, they may ask for confirmation that they’re on the right track. They might ask:

    You could tell a new Host about how you took pictures of your space, and send them links to Resource Center articles about preparing for a photo shoot, taking quality photos, and selecting and editing photos for a new listing. You’ll also be able to request edit access to help with editing their listing, right from your Ambassador dashboard.

    How can I be a great Host?

    Once a new Host publishes their listing, they might want to make improvements to get their first booking. Their questions might include:

    A new Host might ask you to check out their listing and give them any suggestions for improvement. You might also give them tips on configuring calendar and booking settings, understanding Instant Book, and more.

    What questions are best for Community Support?

    As you help new Hosts, you may encounter questions that should be directed toward Community Support. They can help solve issues and assist new Hosts with any technical difficulties that might arise.

    For example, if a new Host has trouble updating the address in their listing, you might suggest they contact Community Support for a quick resolution. In general, if you’re not comfortable answering a new Host’s question or you simply don’t know the answer, don’t worry—feel free to direct the Host to Community Support instead.

    What are the best Airbnb resources?

    It’s a great idea to give new Hosts additional resources, so they can peruse them on their own time. We’ve found these suggestions to be especially useful for new Hosts:

    Once you get started as a Superhost Ambassador, you’ll quickly find that you already know the answers to most new Hosts’ questions from simply hosting so many 5-star stays. But if you’re ever stumped, you and your new Host can always reach out to Community Support. We’re so excited to have you as a Superhost Ambassador, and we’re here to help.
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    • New Hosts have lots of questions, and you’re uniquely qualified to answer them

    • We’ll give you a few examples of questions new Hosts might have, and tips on how to answer them

    Dec 2, 2021
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