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    How to get ready to publish your listing

    There are a few important things to confirm before you publish your listing.
    By Airbnb on May 5, 2021
    2 min read
    Updated Aug 27, 2021

    You’re almost ready to publish your listing! This step walks you through a few quick things we need to ask to protect both you and your guests and to set expectations.

    You may be wondering about certain listing settings you’ve heard of but haven’t seen yet. Don’t worry about those yet. Publishing your listing is the first step, and we’ll guide you to refine your listing and the way you host later.

    For now, just review a few key details to get your listing ready to publish:

    1. How you’re hosting on Airbnb
    Note whether you are hosting as a private individual or as a business.

    • This step is to ensure that you comply with certain applicable consumer protection regulations.
    • It also helps us provide you with the right hosting features.
    • You can learn more about the differences in this Help Center article.

    2. Safety
    Answer a few basic safety questions.

    • This helps to set guest expectations as they search for where to stay.
    • It also helps guests make more informed decisions about their stay.

    3. Important things to know
    Make sure that you have reviewed important laws, policies, and fees.

    • You are responsible for following your local laws around hosting. We’ve pulled together several resources to help on our Responsible Hosting page.
    • Be sure to review Airbnb’s nondiscrimination and cancellation policies, as well as guest and Host fees, so you don’t encounter any surprises later.
    • Note that Airbnb’s Flexible Cancellation policy is the default. You can choose a different one after you publish your listing.

    Remember that you can make all sorts of changes after you publish your listing. You can finesse details like your listing title, description, amenities, and photos. You can also refine how you host, like updating your calendar and booking settings and adding cleaning and other fees.

    May 5, 2021
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