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    Communicate easily with Airbnb’s new Translation Engine

    You can stick with your preferred language—our tool will handle translations.
    By Airbnb on Nov 9, 2021
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    Updated Nov 11, 2021


    • The Translation Engine will automatically translate your listing description and reviews into 62 languages to reach more guests

    • You can use your preferred language—and guests can use theirs

    • This new tool will eventually replace our “click-to-translate” feature

    Hosting on Airbnb means opening your doors to guests from around the world. Translating your listing descriptions and reviews helps you communicate clearly and prevent misunderstandings.

    To support you, we’re launching the Translation Engine, a translation tool made exclusively for Airbnb that will seamlessly translate listing descriptions and reviews into the reader’s chosen language. By mid-2022, it will replace our “click-to-translate” feature entirely. And in the coming weeks, you’ll start to see these changes roll out.

    According to a study commissioned by Airbnb, the Translation Engine improves the translation quality of over 99 percent of Airbnb listings. Trained using millions of Airbnb data points, the Translation Engine will get even smarter over time as it learns from new content that's submitted.

    A way to expand your business

    This new translation tool is designed to support clear communication and the exceptional hospitality you practice as a Host. It can also help you reach more potential guests, creating more opportunities for them to book your listing.

    Previously, guests looking for a place to stay would sometimes find a mix of languages bundled into one listing. And some guests might skip over listings written in an unfamiliar language in favor of spaces listed in their own language.

    The Translation Engine will automatically translate your listing into each reader’s preferred language, making it easier for guests to get the details they’re looking for—and eventually removing the need to use our “click-to-translate” feature.

    A new kind of translation tool

    Airbnb already translates the information we provide into readers’ chosen languages. But many Hosts have relied on Airbnb’s “click-to-translate” feature or other free online tools to translate messages or listing descriptions.

    Shinya, a Superhost from Japan and a Host Advisory Board member, has listed his space in 6 languages—relying on friends and translation websites to help create each new listing. “It’s very complicated,” he says. “I’ve always wanted a simple, accurate translation tool.”

    With the new translation tool, Hosts like Shinya can communicate with guests in their chosen languages—and feel confident in a high-quality translation. It’s that easy.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication. Feature release timing and availability may vary based on location.
    Nov 9, 2021
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