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    Building and improving the Superhost program

    Here’s how Airbnb is making the Superhost program more fair and inclusive.
    By Airbnb on Jun 21, 2019
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    Updated Mar 5, 2020

    As our global host community grows and becomes increasingly diverse, Airbnb’s programs and policies need to grow and adapt as well—both to ensure the success of people from all over the world, and to show our appreciation for hosts’ hard work and amazing hospitality. That’s why we’re updating the Superhost program to make it more fair, inclusive, and valuable to hosts everywhere.

    Review rates

    Great reviews are essential to earning Superhost status. They also help create a community where trust and transparency is shared between guests and hosts. But hosts can’t control whether or not their guests choose to leave a review. After examining global data and speaking with Superhosts in a number of countries, we discovered that review rates aren’t consistent worldwide—some travelers always leave reviews, while others rarely do. This discrepancy can put some hosts at a disadvantage when it comes to consideration for Superhost status. In order to make the evaluation process more fair for everyone in our global community, we’ll no longer require that hosts have at least a 50% review rate in order to become Superhosts (or retain their existing status).

    Cancellation policy

    As part of our effort to make sure Airbnb programs are built to meet the needs of all hosts, we’re also updating our cancellation requirement. Previously, we required that Superhosts have zero cancellations, but for hosts with an extremely high volume of bookings across multiple listings, that standard is impractical. To make the program more fair for high-volume hosts, we’re now allowing one cancellation per 100 trips booked over the past year, which means a cancellation rate of less than 1% across all of your listings. It’s important to note that we still take cancellation as seriously as ever. Over the past five years, the Superhost community has worked hard to earn the trust of their guests, and we will continue to reward that trust by recognizing the most reliable hosts with Superhost status.

    Both the changes to our cancellation and review requirements will take effect on the July 1 quarterly Superhost assessment. We’ll also be updating hosting dashboards at this time to reflect this new criteria.

    Stay tuned

    We’re committed to continually improving the Superhost program so that it works for the entire host community. That includes using clear, fair qualification criteria and making it valuable for every Superhost. From the overall design of the program to how it rewards the community, we’re looking at different ways to not only make your hosting experience more positive, but also help you be more successful. So, please stay tuned—there’s a lot of exciting news to come.

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    Jun 21, 2019
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