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Installing smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

Smoke and CO detectors save lives. That’s why we’re on a mission to get as many detectors into as many homes as possible.

Airbnb provides self-contained, battery-powered, combination smoke and CO detectors to eligible Hosts at no cost.

Go to our Home Safety page to find out if you’re eligible to receive a free detector (Home Safety Terms and Conditions apply.)

Already have smoke and CO detectors?

If so, make sure you say so in your listing. You can add or update these details in the Amenities section of your listing, under Home Safety. Please ensure your devices are tested regularly.

Be sure to check your local regulations, which may require that you have more than one working smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed in your place.

While we encourage Hosts to install smoke and CO detectors, we don’t require confirmation that they’ve been installed.

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