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Updating your Host calendar

The best way to manage your bookings and avoid cancellations is to keep your calendar up to date. You can mark nights as open or blocked so your availability is clear to guests when they’re interested in your place.

To mark nights as open or blocked:

Open or block nights on desktop

  1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
  2. Select a night or multiple nights
  3. Click Open nights or Block nights

When selected nights are in mixed states (for example, if some nights are open and some are blocked), you’ll find Edit availability instead of Open nights or Block nights.

You’ll also notice that available nights on the calendar are white, and unavailable nights will have a slash through the date. When you open unavailable nights, you’ll be able to tell why they’re blocked—whether they’re blocked by your settings or by Airbnb. 

As a Host, you can unblock any nights on your calendar—except for reservations you canceled or nights booked through linked or synced calendars. You'll find more info on linked and synced calendars below.

How to select dates on a mobile calendar

To select multiple nights and to edit prices and availability, you’ll need to tap and hold down on a date, and then swipe across your desired dates. If you'd like to select multiple weeks, you can tap and hold down on a date, and then swipe down the calendar. This makes sure all nights are included in your nightly range.

Why calendar dates may be blocked

There are various reasons why some nights on your calendar aren’t available for guests to book. Whether it’s changing your settings or needing to update your verification, learn more about why nights on your calendar may be blocked.

What happens to your calendar with inquiries or invites

  • If a guest sends an inquiry, your calendar remains open: These nights will remain available so multiple guests can send inquiries until you have a pending trip request.
  • If you send a guest an invite and Instant Book is turned on, you can block the nights or leave them open: You’ll have the option to block those nights until the guest books or until the invite expires after 24 hours—whichever comes first—giving a guest the chance to book. You can change your mind at any time by withdrawing the invitation to book.
  • If you send a guest an invite and Instant Book isn’t turned on, the nights will be blocked: If you issue an invitation to book and Instant Book isn't turned on, those nights will be automatically blocked on your calendar until either the guest books or the invite expires after 24 hours—whichever comes first.

Visit the Resource Center for tips on setting a pricing strategy to help increase your bookings.

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