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Manage all your Airbnb messages

However you travel or host, it’s good to know that all your messages are organized and searchable in one place.

All your messages. All in one place.

You have an All view that unifies all guest, Host, and support messages in one place. This means that if you're a Host who also travels (and many do!) you don’t have to switch between hosting and traveling to manage your messages.

Quick message filters

You can easily find whatever you’re looking for by applying a quick filter to differentiate the type of thread you want to access. Ex: Hosting, Support, and Traveling.

Search all your messages

Can't quite remember a person’s name? No problem, just start typing to see all possible results in real-time. Search results take into account your quick filters as well, helping you to refine searches even faster.

Keep connected with your Host and co-travelers

Once the reservation is made, guests, Hosts, Co-Hosts, and co-travelers who join the trip can message each other in a single thread, making coordinating trips or experiences a breeze.

Messaging is a powerful tool for Hosts

Hosting starts with a warm welcome, and the first message with guests sets the tone for future conversations. But Hosts can also save time by using suggested quick replies and scheduled messages, which allow them to send personalized messages quickly and automatically to answer frequently asked guest questions. Learn more about managing guest messages.

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