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Updating your profile: What I do for work

Share more about your profession to help the Airbnb community to get to know you better. If you don’t have a traditional job, tell us your life’s calling. Details you choose to share about yourself will be featured across Airbnb—like in search and in your profile—and visible to guests.

How to edit your work in your profile

Updating your profile will override any previous work highlights, both in search and in your profile.

Edit your work in your profile on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Edit profile
  2. Click My work
  3. Add what you want displayed on your profile
  4. Click Done

Info for Hosts of Rooms

For some private room Hosts who provided descriptions of their work that were longer than 20 characters, a short highlight of your information may be displayed to guests in search. In this case, the information included on your Profile will remain the same, but in search, may appear differently.

Need to make changes to other account info? Learn how to manage your profile.

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