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Find service providers in our Host Recommendations Directory

New to hosting or just need some help with everyday tasks? Check out our Host Recommendations Directory. It’s a directory of host-recommended service providers for things like cleaning, maintenance, painting, and more.

Our Host Recommendations Directory is built on trust—and experience

When you find a fantastic cleaner, plumber, or other service provider who you can truly recommend, it's great to be able to share their talents. It helps everyone in the community. Your local Airbnb Host club is also a good resource for advice—you may end up finding even more service providers to add to the directory.

Finding a local service provider

  1. Click or tap Host Recommendations Directory
  2. The local Host-recommended service providers display within the map
  3. Use the filter to select the specific services you need
  4. Contact a provider directly using the information displayed

Once you’ve selected a service provider:

  • Explain the services you need and what you expect of them
  • Check that they’re qualified to perform the tasks you need them for
  • Confirm that they have the necessary licenses, permits, insurance, etc. for the services they are listed for
  • Confirm their pricing and fees

We suggest that you speak with or meet the provider in person before sharing any personal details or financial information.

Recommending a service provider

If you’re a Host with at least one listing and you worked with someone amazing, ask them if they want to be added to our directory. The Host Recommendations Directory is free for Hosts and service providers. We’ll just need their name and email to get started.

Add a service provider to the directory:

  1. Click or tap Recommend a service provider
  2. Provide the name and email address of the service provider
  3. Select the services you’ve used and wish to recommend the provider for
  4. Submit the recommendation

Add a service provider to the directory

We’ll email your recommended service provider and they’ll need to:

  1. Log in to their Airbnb account with the email address that matches the one provided by the recommending Host. If the service provider is new to Airbnb, they can create an account using this email address.
  2. Confirm and update their contact information for the directory—like their name and phone number.
  3. Check the relevant boxes to select the Host-recommended services they want to appear in the directory.

Service providers can go to Settings anytime to update their contact details and select their recommended services.

Leaving the directory

If a service provider wants to pause their participation or to leave the directory, they can uncheck all their services in Settings and then click or tap Save. They won’t appear in searches until they reactivate their recommendation in Settings again.

The Host Recommendations Directory isn’t for promoting listings or for any form of self-promotion. Check out the Terms of Service.

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