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Airbnb’s Free CO/Smoke Alarm Program Details

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms save lives. That’s why we’re on a mission to get as many alarms into as many listings as possible. We ask that all listings be equipped with smoke alarms, and equipped with carbon monoxide alarms if the listings have fuel burning devices– check out our safety article to learn more. For active Airbnb Hosts who cannot purchase their own carbon monoxide alarms, Airbnb will cover the costs, and send you a free alarm (Hosts will be responsible for applicable custom taxes). Learn more about the program below. Program Terms and Conditions.

Which Hosts are eligible?

All Airbnb Hosts with an active listing can get a free smoke & carbon monoxide alarm. Each Host is limited to one alarm, but we strongly advise Hosts to install more alarms depending on the needs of your listing, and purchase additional alarms for any additional listings you have. We currently do not ship to P.O. boxes. This program is currently not available in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Syria, and temporarily paused in Japan.

What will Hosts get?

Hosts will receive self-contained, battery powered combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, or two separate alarms for smoke and carbon monoxide. We also recommend checking your local laws and regulations to make sure you’re meeting all alarm requirements—including whether additional alarms are necessary.

How do Hosts sign up?

Hosts can sign up by entering their shipping address into the order form below. Make sure to check your address for accuracy as orders with incomplete or inaccurate addresses will be canceled without notification.

What if I need more than one alarm?

Hosts who need additional alarms or want to receive them quicker are welcome to find them using sites like, or their local hardware store. Experts such as the International Fire Chief Association and the National Fire Protection Association recommend installing one on each floor and outside every bedroom to ensure guests can hear the alarm while they’re sleeping. Follow manufacturers' guidelines to properly install alarms and test them on a regular basis.

Where is it getting shipped from?

We work with three external partners that help fulfill these orders. Hosts with shipping addresses in the United States will receive a package from our partner Logistics Supply, who are based in the United States. All other Hosts will receive their alarms from our partner Safelincs, One Touch Point or Ensel Technologies. Note, depending on the ship-to country, Hosts may be responsible for paying additional taxes and fees due to customs. Airbnb will only cover the cost of the alarm and shipping costs – Hosts will be responsible for any additional fees.

Need a carbon monoxide and/or smoke alarm?

Request a free alarm on our Home Safety page.

Already have smoke and CO alarms?

Make sure you update your listing(s) to reflect having these devices. Learn more about how to update your listing.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe.

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