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Adding accessibility features to Experience listings

It's wonderful when you can welcome even more people to your Experience. When you add accessibility features to your Experience, guests can use these features in their search to find Experiences that may meet their specific accessibility needs.

How it works

You can edit your Experience and highlight each accessibility feature you offer with a clear description for guests. Be sure to check out Airbnb’s requirements and guidelines for providing clear, relevant, sufficiently detailed information for guests.

Edit your Experience to include accessibility features

  1. Go to your Hosting dashboard, find the Experience you want to update, and click Edit
  2. Under Guest requirements, find the section “Does your experience have any accessibility features?”
  3. Select the category of accessibility features that your Experience has
  4. Then, select Specific accessibility features and add a description for each feature you’ve selected
  5. Select Save

Your features and descriptions will be shown in your listing’s Accessibility features section and prospective guests can use these features in search.

Adding detailed descriptions to each feature you’ve selected is incredibly important. If your description isn't sufficiently clear and detailed, or if it’s inaccurate, the correlating feature may be rejected or removed from your listing. Refer to Airbnb’s requirements and guidelines for adding accessibility feature descriptions, developed with experts.

Learn more about belonging and inclusion at Airbnb by reading our accessibility policy.

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