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Experience Host

Changing your experience after it’s published

Your experience has been published and looks great! Your guests are going to be excited. But what if you want to make changes?

What you can change:

  • Updates to the description ("What we’ll do"), but make sure it meets our standards and requirements
  • Updates to the "What’s provided” and the "What guests should bring" sections
  • Updates to the “Guest requirements” section, as long as any accessibility updates meet Airbnb’s accessibility feature description requirements
  • Updates to the meeting location (except when moving to public land)
  • New transportation may be added, but you’ll need to submit and get approval for any required license and insurance
  • New photos may be uploaded, as long as they meet Airbnb’s photo quality standards

Even though you can update some parts of your experience, certain activities may have additional special requirements or restrictions.

What you can't change:

  • Changing the main category or activity of your experience in a way that may invalidate guest reviews for the original experience (for example, changing an experience from a photography workshop to a cooking class)
  • Adding new outdoor sporting activities to the experience, or adding any activity that may require Airbnb to assess new risks
  • Changing the country in which the experience is held
  • Changing an experience from an in-person experience to an online experience, or vice versa
  • Moving the experience meeting location to public land that requires a license

If you’d like to make any of these types of changes, it’s best to submit a new experience altogether and Airbnb can review it.

    Airbnb can reject any proposed changes to an experience listing, revert any changes made to an experience listing, or notify you that your listing may be subject to removal if the listing doesn’t meet our standards and requirements.

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