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Experience Host

Hosting an online Experience

Join a community of Hosts bringing the world together in a whole new way.

Before submitting your online experience, please read the Airbnb Experiences standards and requirements and the requirements specific for online Experiences.

The submission process

When you submit your experience for approval, you’ll need to provide:

  • A title for your experience
  • A description, including where you’re broadcasting from and what makes it special
  • Your activity description, including a clearly defined agenda
  • Your qualifications, history, or credentials
  • Direction on what guests should bring
  • High-quality photos of your experience, including a photo of you speaking in front of your camera or computer to show that the experience is taking place online
  • A photo ID, since you’ll be asked to confirm your identity

Once you have a great idea and all the details worked out, start your submission. Find out what to expect after you submit.

How they work


Online Experiences are hosted on Zoom, a third-party video conferencing software, which you'll also need for the submission process. Here's everything you need to know about using Zoom for online Experiences.

Booking and attendance

  1. Booking works the same way it does for in-person Experiences
  2. When it's go time, guests will receive a link to join your Zoom meeting
  3. You can then use Zoom's Waiting Room feature to let them in after confirming they have a reservation

If you’re open to allowing multiple guests to join per device, let guests know in your description that they only need to book one spot. You can also host private group Experiences, where guests can reserve all the spots for an Experience at a specific date and time.

Pricing and additional payment

What you charge is up to you for both public and private group Experiences. You might want to start at a lower price and increase it after some practice and a few 5-star reviews. Just like in-person Experiences, Airbnb will charge the Host service fee, unless it's a social impact experience.

Online Experiences are priced per person by default. If a reservation was booked for one and you notice 2 guests in your Waiting Room, you can ask that they pay for the additional person in the Resolution Center.

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