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Experience Host

How do I add dietary restrictions information to my Airbnb Experience?

Guests with dietary restrictions and preferences rely on your experience page to decide if your experience is right for them. To help those with dietary needs, you’re required to provide details about what you can accommodate.

How to add dietary information:

  1. Click Host in the main navigation menu
  2. Click on your Experience Listing
  3. Click ​Edit ​your experience and then go to the What I’ll provide​ section
  4. Click ​Edit if you already have a food item added or ​click ​Add an item if you don’t have a food item added yet
  5. Add your dietary restrictions information to your food items:
    1. Choose ​Food​ and click ​Next​
    2. Select the food you will provide (you can select more than one item) and click Next​
    3. Describe the items on your list
    4. Mark the dietary restrictions you can accommodate and click ​Save​

Note: If you already have a live experience and you click Edit or Add an item, you may be prompted to confirm you are trying to change an item. Since you’ve already confirmed that your experience meets the Airbnb standards, choose No, I’m not. This will allow you to make the necessary dietary restriction changes.

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