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Request a new date or time for an Experience

You’ve got your heart set on an Experience, but the time doesn’t work with your plans. You can always suggest a different time or date not listed on the Host’s calendar and find out if they’re available and amenable for a change.

To request a change:

Request availability on desktop

  1. Click the Experience you want and click Contact host
  2. Click Request a specific date
  3. Select a date and the number of guests
  4. Click Send request

The Host will review the reservation details and decide if they can fit you into their schedule. 

  • If they confirm, you can complete the booking in the message thread
  • If they can’t accommodate you, you can try to work together to find a mutually good time 

Confirming a reservation

The Host has decided this new time works for them and you’ve confirmed and paid for your reservation. What’s next? The experience is scheduled and on the Host’s calendar, therefore available for others to book, unless your request was for a private booking

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