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Cancellations of longer stays

If a reservation is for 28 nights or more, the longer stay cancellation policy applies.

For guests

If you’re a guest, you can check your confirmation email for more details. Learn more about how to change your reservation.

If you change or cancel a longer stay:

  • Your first payment might be nonrefundable, depending on the listing and when the reservation is made
  • If you cancel after the trip has started, the following 30 nights of the reservation are nonrefundable
  • Your Host can choose to offer an additional refund

Host approvals

If you’re a Host and your guest wants to change their reservation, you’ll need to approve it if:

  • It’s before the trip, but less than 30 days before the checkout date
  • The trip has started, but it’s less than 30 nights before the checkout date
  • The guest is changing the check-in date, or extending the reservation

The change may happen automatically if:

  • It's before the trip and the reservation is still 30 days or longer
    1. The trip has started, but it’s 30 nights or more until the checkout date
    2. The alteration is initiated by guest
    3. The reservation is long-term
    4. The start date is not changed
    5. The alteration is made with 30 days notice
    6. The reservation is not to be extended
    7. The reservation after alteration is still long-term
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